a sampling of reviews of “seen enough leavers”

photo credit: Ward Weems 6/21/19

“An unimaginable talent, how Hayes has managed to remain in relative obscurity so far is beyond me, as this is one of the best Americana albums in recent history.” (rating: 10/10)

Take Effect Reviews

“Meghan Hayes emerges from a many-years recording absence to deliver one of 2019’s most impressive recordings. Seen Enough Leavers is a gorgeous sounding album, literate and intense.”

Fervor Coulee

Seen Enough Leavers is an “aural triumph with raw, soul-baring emotion, pain, loss and finally, hope. Hayes is not just a writer – she is a bona-fide poet who can paint a picture of desperation through deep lyrics… While the lyrics are definitely heavy throughout this record, they are downright brilliant and show the poetic depth of this extremely versatile, talented singer/songwriter. Hayes’ pure soprano vocals will grab you from the first note, while her lyrics will hold you enraptured until the last.”

Ink 19

“Meghan Hayes proves with Seen Enough Leavers that she’s an Americana artist ready to be recognized throughout the industry and to music fans alike.”


Seen Enough Leavers… [is] angsty, tough, and feminine all at the same time.”

Americana Music Show

“On this album, Meghan Hayes is joined by some of Nashville’s best players – including Audley Freed on guitar. It is Hayes’ songs that are the star of this album – which are brought to life by the great music and vocals.”

Ear to the Ground

“Ah, the devastation of the breakup album. You’ve probably heard several but it’s not likely that you’ve heard one as piercing as Seen Enough Leavers, the third release from East Nashville singer-songwriter Meghan Hayes. So, it begs the question of why one would want to listen to songs full of despair, spite, and pain.  There are at least four reasons to listen to these songs from Hayes – she has the poet’s gift for literate songwriting, her soprano voice delivers not only emotion but unpredictable phrasing in places, her supporting band is comprised of top-shelf Nashville musicians, and most importantly, there are enough threads of hope to keep you engaged in her stories.”

Glide Magazine

“the lyrics on this heartfelt, introspective self-penned album certainly exude sadness and bitterness at times but they also convey a sense of her resilience and recovery. Hayes’s pop/folk melodies (which also owe debts to country) are seductive, and so is her rich soprano.”

Americana Highways