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We here at Cranky Heartburn Music work hard to ensure that each of our products has both inherent and added value.  

While we personally prefer simply listening to Meghan’s latest record, Seen Enough Leavers, we’ve also heard back from her fans that the CD is very versatile. 

A few examples of the multiple uses of Seen Enough Leavers:

  • tie to tree as scarecrow/scaresquirrel
  • shim up wobbly table
  • paint scraper
  • pocket mirror (the shiny side, duh!)
  • cookie plate
  • door stop (requires purchase of entire case)
  • frisbee 
  • replacement Spirograph® ring

As the holidays approach, please consider purchasing Seen Enough Leavers for yourself and for others. If you prefer to download the tracks, thereby forgoing the multiple uses of the physical product, we support that, too! 


Only a few shows left in the decade!

  • Tuesday, December 10: $2 Tuesday at The 5 Spot
  • Friday, December 20: Meghan solo at Tennessee Brew Works
  • Thursday, December 26: True Music Room (check back to see if full band or solo)
photo credit: Dan Heller

busy, busy, busy: September

photo credit: Ward Weems August 24, 2019

Meghan is back in Nashville after a super run of shows in the American midwest. She’s been doing some radio and some podcasts and some full-band shows. By strange coincidence, her next four local shows are all at the same venue.

If you are a Nashvillian, or play one on TV, come to The 5 Spot for any and all of the following full-band shows:

  • September 11, 4-8 pm –> Americana on the Rocks 

Broken Jukebox Media’s unofficial AmericanaFest Showcase featuring The Truehearts + Rod Picott + Eric Brace + Ben de la Cour + Chuck Hawthorne + Libby Koch + Terry Klein + Meghan Hayes

  • September 18, 6-8:30 pm –> Meghan Hayes and Chip Greene
  • October 16, 6-8:30 pm –> E2TG 8th Anniversary Week 4: Meghan Hayes and Josh Gray
  • December 10, 8-11:30 pm –> Two Dollar Tuesday

If you are not a Nashvillian, and don’t plan to visit, here are multiple options for you to get your Meghan fix:

  • talk to the nice people at your favorite local bar/listening room/music venue about having Meghan come to your town and play… she’s friendly, fairly polite*, and doesn’t take up a lot of space.You can even show them her EPK!
  • consider hosting a house concert featuring Meghan– the perks are endless: you = coolest cat in the neighborhood; Meghan will provide a free Healing Touch session; she might even help weed your garden if you play your cards right; oh, and she does the MUSIC thing too!

* a recent review calls a couple of her songs “pointed and pouty,” but we don’t think that extends to her full self in general…

a sampling of reviews of “seen enough leavers”

photo credit: Ward Weems 6/21/19

“An unimaginable talent, how Hayes has managed to remain in relative obscurity so far is beyond me, as this is one of the best Americana albums in recent history.” (rating: 10/10)

Take Effect Reviews

“Meghan Hayes emerges from a many-years recording absence to deliver one of 2019’s most impressive recordings. Seen Enough Leavers is a gorgeous sounding album, literate and intense.”

Fervor Coulee

Seen Enough Leavers is an “aural triumph with raw, soul-baring emotion, pain, loss and finally, hope. Hayes is not just a writer – she is a bona-fide poet who can paint a picture of desperation through deep lyrics… While the lyrics are definitely heavy throughout this record, they are downright brilliant and show the poetic depth of this extremely versatile, talented singer/songwriter. Hayes’ pure soprano vocals will grab you from the first note, while her lyrics will hold you enraptured until the last.”

Ink 19

“Meghan Hayes proves with Seen Enough Leavers that she’s an Americana artist ready to be recognized throughout the industry and to music fans alike.”


Seen Enough Leavers… [is] angsty, tough, and feminine all at the same time.”

Americana Music Show

“On this album, Meghan Hayes is joined by some of Nashville’s best players – including Audley Freed on guitar. It is Hayes’ songs that are the star of this album – which are brought to life by the great music and vocals.”

Ear to the Ground

“Ah, the devastation of the breakup album. You’ve probably heard several but it’s not likely that you’ve heard one as piercing as Seen Enough Leavers, the third release from East Nashville singer-songwriter Meghan Hayes. So, it begs the question of why one would want to listen to songs full of despair, spite, and pain.  There are at least four reasons to listen to these songs from Hayes – she has the poet’s gift for literate songwriting, her soprano voice delivers not only emotion but unpredictable phrasing in places, her supporting band is comprised of top-shelf Nashville musicians, and most importantly, there are enough threads of hope to keep you engaged in her stories.”

Glide Magazine

“the lyrics on this heartfelt, introspective self-penned album certainly exude sadness and bitterness at times but they also convey a sense of her resilience and recovery. Hayes’s pop/folk melodies (which also owe debts to country) are seductive, and so is her rich soprano.”

Americana Highways

Critics gonna critique

“Her music has been labeled everything from folk-rock, to alternative pop, to new Nashville,” says Singer Magazine. “But it doesn’t really matter what you call it; I call it good.”

Washington Post says Meghan Hayes writes “dramatic vignettes” that are a mix of “pop and country-tinged verve.”

PopMatters calls Meghan “a songwriter capable of sharp introspection and character examination… resting somewhere between the literacy of Aimee Mann and the mass market sheen of Sarah McLachlan.”

The Cumberland Times-News says “her work speaks for itself with sharp-witted Dylanesque lyrics, a potent attitude that feels like [Van] Morrison and poignant imagery reminiscent of Springsteen.”

On stage, Meghan is known for her “wry humor” (Washington Post), “bowling over audiences and critics alike” (Cumberland Times-News).

The Daily Vault sums it up: “Meghan Hayes is a prodigious talent, both an imaginative, original songwriter and a singer with a gift for wrapping her voice around a song.”