busy, busy, busy: September

photo credit: Ward Weems August 24, 2019

Meghan is back in Nashville after a super run of shows in the American midwest. She’s been doing some radio and some podcasts and some full-band shows. By strange coincidence, her next four local shows are all at the same venue.

If you are a Nashvillian, or play one on TV, come to The 5 Spot for any and all of the following full-band shows:

  • September 11, 4-8 pm –> Americana on the Rocks 

Broken Jukebox Media’s unofficial AmericanaFest Showcase featuring The Truehearts + Rod Picott + Eric Brace + Ben de la Cour + Chuck Hawthorne + Libby Koch + Terry Klein + Meghan Hayes

  • September 18, 6-8:30 pm –> Meghan Hayes and Chip Greene
  • October 16, 6-8:30 pm –> E2TG 8th Anniversary Week 4: Meghan Hayes and Josh Gray
  • December 10, 8-11:30 pm –> Two Dollar Tuesday

If you are not a Nashvillian, and don’t plan to visit, here are multiple options for you to get your Meghan fix:

  • talk to the nice people at your favorite local bar/listening room/music venue about having Meghan come to your town and play… she’s friendly, fairly polite*, and doesn’t take up a lot of space.You can even show them her EPK!
  • consider hosting a house concert featuring Meghan– the perks are endless: you = coolest cat in the neighborhood; Meghan will provide a free Healing Touch session; she might even help weed your garden if you play your cards right; oh, and she does the MUSIC thing too!

* a recent review calls a couple of her songs “pointed and pouty,” but we don’t think that extends to her full self in general…

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